Jet Bensi

1.7m tall, close cut hair, olive sking, brown eyes, Human


1.7 meters tall, shaggy black hair, olive colored skin, brown eyes. Wears a black suit most of the time, full length. Tattoo’s litter his arms and legs depicting various things, dragons, bullets, guns, women, Japanese symbols with mundane meanings, places, names. It reads as a ledger of his life, or would if he could remember it.


The specifics of his past are lost to him. Three 5 years ago Jet washed up on the beach in San Fransisco carrying a briefcase. Inside were 4 pistols, some credit chips, and his ID. The ID might as well have been a fake as he didn’t recognize it. Staring into the case in an ally trying to make sense of the who, where, and why concerning his existence a street sam tried to jump him for his kit. Without consideration or remorse Jet put him down fast. What he didn’t know was that a fixer had setup the sam to see if he had the balls to really beat someone down for their credit chips. When Jet took him out in one shot the fixer offered Jet some work to help him get back on his feet. Turns out, he may not remember who he was but he’s pretty with a pistol. After running jobs for a few years around the Bay area he made his way up the coast to Seattle for a change of pace.

From here things got really interesting…

Realizing it was possible that Lotho was carrying around an original 5 shards server in his arm Jet plugs into the device. Logging on he is surprised to suddenly touch his old self, the self he remembers better than reality. Unplugging he relays the existence of the 5 shards world to those around him and suddenly falls to the floor, convulsing. As the memories flood back Jet has a problem making sense of it all. His only focus is on the world that seems to have restored his past. Shutting everything else out until he can relax and process the memories that are how spinning through his mind like debris in a tornado.

The fall of Jet Bensi

Jet was Yakuuza, from the day he was born. His father was a high ranking member of the syndicate. Jet was groomed from birth, trained in leadership, languages, diplomacy, combat and above all, loyalty to the clan. During his off time he preferred to hang out with Reiko. Reiko was the daughter of a low ranking drug runner for the Yakuuza who received a large inheritance at some point allowing him to live in the more upscale neighborhood that Jet grew up in. Jet’s father disapproved of his friendship with Reiko but felt that Jet would learn from his mistakes soon enough. Reiko’s father Hideo was to be moved to southern Tokyo to handle a new distribution area which meant Reiko was going to be moving and the problem would be solved. Unfortunately Jet was both hard headed and resourceful. He didn’t get along with the children his father approved of and instead would sneak out and take the train to southern Tokyo to visit Reiko. This behavior persisted for many years until one summer when Jet was 13 years old.

That summer Jet went to visit Reiko but she wasn’t home. She was at a local park instead. She was nervous when Jet showed up so he stood there and talked to her for a while. Her father had asked her to start running errands for him, carrying packages, etc. She didn’t want to disobey her father so she did it. This day though, she was supposed to meet a group of men who her father had owed money too. When the men showed up they were not happy. They had expected to get paid and instead they got Reiko and a small satchel of product they had no interest in moving. Being the thugs they are they decided to send a message to Hideo by hurting Reiko. One of the men grabbed Jet, the others assaulted her in front of him. When it was over they gave Jet a hard hit to the head to disorient him before leaving. Jet helped Reiko home and took the train back to his own house.

Jet’s training, and position in the clan allowed him some latitude and even control over some men. Wanting to avenge Reiko he sent a hired gun to visit the men who had assaulted her. The man was no fool and instead went to Jet’s father to let him know what he was asked to do, and by whom. Jet’s father, disgusted with the idea that his son would stoop to avenge someone so unworthy and also concerned that Jet had not learned his place decided to teach him a lesson. He called Jet in, handed him a weapons case, a data pad, and cred stick with 100,000 yen on it. He told Jet that if a man is going to avenge a friend, he must do it with his own hands. He also told Jet that he was not to return until either he realized his place or had completed his task. Jet’s father was certain Jet would realize his place and abandon his friend forever.

Jet took the words of his father to heart. Took the case, the data pad and the money. The data pad had a map of this gangs hangouts so Jet went. Of all the lessons he’d had growing up, he liked combat and tactics the best. He put those lessons to use, deciding to ambush the group of men as they were coming out of a delivery van they used to transport bootleg beer. He setup and waited. When the driver came round back to open the door, Jet shoot him. He’d never shot anyone before. The pull of the trigger, the blood spray, the way the man fell to the ground. Jet was unsettled, but he had a mission, he had to complete it to go home, and he’d just killed someone. There wasn’t really a going back at this point. The back door opened at the sound of the shot and Jet shoot the man who opened it in the leg. The others moved back, away from the door as quickly as possible. Dropping the sniper rifle Jet grabbed the small handgun from the case and ran to the back of the van. One of the men recognized him and began begging for his life. Jet asked the man why he assaulted his friend, what he thought he’d get out of such a dishonorable action. The man, both wanting to shift blame and not wanting to die told the truth. He was ordered to collect the money Hideo owed the syndicate, or he was to hurt his daughter to send a message.

Jet did not want to ask his next question. He knew he had to, but he didn’t want to know. He swallowed, and asked, who ordered this? He knew the answer before the man even spoke. Enraged Jet shot the 3 men in the van who were not yet wounded, killing two of them.

The train ride home involved a lot of crying and though for the young Jet Bensi. His father’s words rang in his head. He knew he had to avenge his friend, with his own hands, but didn’t intend to kill his father. He put the handgun in his waistband under his coat and went into his father’s office. Obviously having spent a lot of time crying his father assumed he’d been distraught over his own failure and was ready to console his son. Before he could speak however the com beeped and he took the call. The man on the speaker phone started relaying the ambush to Mr Bensi. As he looked up he saw his son, holding a small hand gun, pointed at Mr Bensi and crying. Rather than pulling the trigger, he released the magazine and removed the breached bullet then fell to his knees sobbing for his failure.

Not forgiving himself nor able to look at his father the same way Jet Bensi started doing wet work for the syndicate. When they began having him do missions he’d rather not remember he had them remove this memory with some of the others. This improved his relationship with his father and allowed his rise in rank to happen without so many moral entanglements.

Jet Bensi

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