Short, slight, with fire colored hair.


Mal is a small, fiesty, pacifistic street shaman. Her ammo is usually stun. She’s more likely to try to diffuse a situation than to go in killing. If she has to kill, it will only be in defense of her own or a companion’s life. She’ll kill quickly and humanely. She’ll rush to defend the underdog.


Mal grew up in the sprawl of downtown with her brother. Her parents were present and loving, though poor. Her parents were both lost to gang violence as she was growing up. Eventually. her brother joined a gang as well. Being an odd duck, none of the gangs wanted her. She eventually ended up on the streets. There, a gang of female “witches” found her and took her in. She trained with them for a few years, until they were recruited by the corps. She was too young and untried to be recruited herself. Since then she got a new fake SIN, moved a few blocks, and has been trying to keep the peace with the gangs to gain experience.


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